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Heather Hewitt



One of the Great Models of the Sixties was Heather Hewitt, still an ageless beauty.

Here is her story:


SUPER MODELS HALL OF FAME Nominee, Heather Hewitt is a Los Angeles based actress and model, writer, singer and producer.

Although she considers herself a country girl at heart, her career has been long and and very glamorous. Heather is an ageless beauty and a very talented painter, sculptor, and chef. 


She is currently developing two exciting film projects based on scripts she has written. “Love is All”  is a romantic comedy based on a novel she wrote. It has an important female role, with some surprising comedic and dramatic elements, taking  place in Manhattan and Vermont. 


The other script is entitled “Anna’s Extra Life.” It is a dramatic, family oriented story set in the film and TV industry and the social milliues of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Heather Hewitt’s remarkable modeling career.


Heather Hewitt was chosen to launch the “new look” for Cosmopolitan Magazine, which was being made over by Helen Gurley Brown, whom she refers to as “an editorial genius and tireless promoter.”  For several years she was featured in a series of ads as “That Cosmopolitan Girl.  They appeared everywhere, even on the sides of buses. It was a great  boost to an already super career.


In 1967 Heather joined "The Hobbits" and recorded two LPs with the group.

"Down To Middle Earth" 1967  and "Men and Doors" 1968


In 1968 only the very Top Models of the Ford Agency were featured in Eileen Ford‘s best selling book. Heather has long been inspired by Eileen Ford, who included her in Ford’s first beauty book.  This led to a lifelong regime of healthy living,  sensible eating and regular exercise. She remains friends with Ms. Ford to this day.


Heather’s natural beauty and versatility and her skills in evoking a mood, creating a character and bringing her energy and personality to the assignment led to her being cast in the principal role in over 150 TV commercials.  Heather met the love of her life, publishing executive, book editor and photo journalist, Andrew Ettinger. They married and had two daughters and now live in the Hollywood Hills in a lovely, woodsy home filled with dogs, cats, unusual birds and an exotic fish pond. 


Andrew is a literary/media consultant as well as a writer/producer.


Heather Hewitt was born on October 2, 1935 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA as Joan Heather Hewitt.

She has worked also as an actress in several movies, most known for the films "That Thing You Do!" (1996), "Dave" (1993) and "Zombies" (1971).



























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