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Perception Label Discography

The Perception label was established by Jimmy Curtiss in 1967 as a production company for pop and progressive
rock acts. It became a record label in 1969. Jimmy Curtiss was a singer/songwriter and producer. The Executive
Vice President of Perception records was Patrick Adams.

Today Records was a subsidiary of Perception and was run by Adams.

Perception PLP Series

PLP 1 - J.C. Life - Jimmy Curtiss [1969] Child of Clay/Where Can I Hide/Francesca/San Francisco Do You
Remember Me/Lack ‘o Testicle Blues//Sunday Son/You Can’t Tell a Man by the Song He Sings/Johnny Get Your
Gun/He Was My Father

PLP 2 - Real Thing - Dizzy Gillespie [1969] N’Bani/Matrix/Alligator/Closer/Soul Kiss//High on a
Cloud/Summertime/Let Me Outta Here/Ding-a-Ling

PLP 3 - Jackson's Dilemma - J.J. Jackson [1970] Indian Thing/Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is/Let the
Sunshine In//Help Me To Get My Grits/Who Knows/Go Find Yourself a Woman/No Sad Songs

PLP 4 - The Albert - The Albert [1970] Let It Fall on Me/Try/Misery/One Life/Pity the Child//Cold ‘n’ Hard/Candle
Burns/All Her Vows/Tribute: R.M. 245, Lonely I-Together We, Albert Schmalbert

PLP 5 - Custer Died For Your Sins - Floyd Westerman [1970] Custer Died for Your Sins/Missionaries/World
Without Tomorrow/Goin’ Back/35 More Miles/Red, White and Black//Where Were You When/Here Come the
Anthros/They Didn’t Listen/Task Force/B.I.A.

PLP 6 – The Teachers - James Moody [1970] The Teachers/Rest Sweetly, Brother Dove/Unchained/The New
Spirit/Hello Goodbye (Right On Brother Beatles)/Behind Every Good Man/Street Talk Suite

PLP 7 – Century Expanded - Concerto For Wah Wah [1970] Melodic Variations in D Minor//Rhythmic Variations in E Minor

PLP 8  - Mirror - History Records Bubblegum Music

PLP 9 - The Albert – The Albert [1969] Pity the Child/Things Ain’t Easy/Cold ‘n’ Hard/Been So Good (For So
Long)/Misery/Let It Fall

PLP 10 - Back From Middle Earth - The New Hobbits [1969] You Could Have Made It Easy/Growin’ Old/I Could
Hear the Grass Growin’/Comin’ Out/The Devil’s Gonna Get Me//Underground/Love Can Set You
Free/Flora/Woman So Worried

PLP 11 – Satisfaction Guaranteed – Larry Davis [1970] Red Purple and Blue/Nobody’s Child/Sittin’ By the
Wayside of Mjy Life/It’s Lovin’ You That’s Killin’ Me/Satisfaction Guaranteed//Down and Out/Everybody Lives in
a Ghetto/I Want You By My Side/A Whole Lotta Woman/Alley Full of Trash and Bottles

PLP 12 - …And Proud of It! – J.J. Jackson [1970] Yellow Wednesday/Mag Bag/On the Horn of Dilemma/The
Lioness Has Shed Her Mane//The Carrot/I’m Going Through Changes/Circles/Nobody’s Gonna Help You (Less’n
You Help Yourself)/Indian Thing

PLP 13 - Portrait of Jenny - Dizzy Gillespie [1970] Olinga/Diddy Wa Diddy//Me’n Them/Timet

PLP 14 - Indian Country - Floyd Westerman [1970] I Still Miss Someone/Nobody Knows/Lonesome Whistle/Me &
Bobby Mcgee/Jambalaya//San Quentin/Folsom Prison/Anita You're Dreaming/Busted

PLP 15 – Touched by the Sun – Teina (Richardson) [1971] The Facts of Life/Words of Honor/Savage Child/8
Million/Pity the Child//This Moment in My Life/Look Into The Faces/Do You Know Me Now/Hear Me Sell By
People/Too Soon

PLP 16 - We Can Be Everything - John Simson [1971] Humboldt County/Ellie Riley/God Bless the Lord/Go West,
Young Man/Been So Long//Just a Matter of Time/My Love, My Life/Allison/Rapid River Run/Good Night
Lullabye/Rock Me Baby

PLP 17

PLP 18 - Black Ivory - Wanda Robinson [1971] The Meeting Place/John Harvey’s Blues/Parting is Such/Tragedy
No. 456/The Trouble with Dreams/Grooving//A Black Oriented Love Poem/The First Time I Saw Loneliness/The
Final Hour/Celebration/Compromise/Read Street Festival

PLP 19 - Giants - Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams & Bobby Hackett [1971] Love for Sale/Autumn
Leaves/Caravan/Jitterbug Waltz//Willow Weep for Me/Birks Works/My Man

PLP 20 - Bartel - Jon Bartel [1972] Naturally Good/On the Road/Green back/Yesterday//Summer in the City/Meat
Cleaver/Boogie/You’ve Just Been Bitten/Freak Show

PLP 21

PLP 22 - Heritage Hum - James Moody [1971] Heritage Hum/Sound for Sore Ears/Road Runner/Can’t Fool Around
with Love/Rainy Days/Travel On/Soul Searching/Parker’s Mood/Pennies from Heaven

PLP 23 – Pendulum & Company – Pendulum & Company [1972]

PLP 24 - Would - Would [1972] Reissue of Metromedia MD 1026 by group Velvet Night. Season Of The
Witch/Velvet Night/Freak Show/Tribute: Feel Free, Sunshine Of Your Love, White Room, I'm So Glad/The
Weight/Edge Of The Woods/Don't Let Them Stand In Your Way/If I Were A Carpenter

PLP 25 - If You Could See What I Hear - Tom Sullivan [1972] If You Could See What I Hear/What is a
Woman/Idyle Hands/Fair Play/Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Earth//Touching You/Turtles/Naked Truth/Jesus
Walked That Lonesome Valley

PLP 26

PLP 27 - An American Family - The Eight Minutes [1972] Next Time He'll Be Good/Loneliest Girl In Town/I Can't
Get No Higher/Find The One Who Loves You/Time For A Change/I Can't Wait/Behind The Times/Oh Yes I Do/I
Love You/Take My Love/Don't Set Me Free

PLP 28 - Let's Do It Again - The Fatback Band [1972] Street Dance/Free Form/Take a Ride (On the Soul
Train)/Wichita Lineman/Baby I’[m-a Want You//Let’s Do It Again/Goin’ to See My Baby/Give Me one More
Chance/Green Green Grass of Home

PLP 29 - Astrud Gilberto Today - Astrud Gilberto [1972] Zigy Zigy Za/Make Love to Me/Baiso/Touching
You/Gingele//Take It Easy My Brother Charlie/Where Have You Been?/General da Banda/Bridges/Daybreak
(Walking Out on Yesterday)

PLP 30 - Johnny Hartman Today - Johnny Hartman [1972] By the Time I Get to Phoenix/Didn’t We/Games People
Play/Betcha By Golly Wow//Help Me Make It Through the Night/Folks Who Live on the Hill/We’ve Only Just
Begun/I’ve Got to Be Me

PLP 31 - Where Are You Going - Shirley Horn [1973] Where Are You Going/Something Happens to Me /Come on
Home/Do It Again/The Eagle and Me/Taste of Honey/L.A. Breakdown/Consequences of a Drug Addict Role

PLP 32 – The Poetry of Maya Angelou – Maya Angelou [1972] Reissue of GWP ST 2001. No No No No (Music: I
Will Last)-The Calling of Names/Letter to an Aspiring Junkie-Sepia Fashion Show/White Liberals-Homewrecker's
Lament/Re: Revolt-The 13's/Miss Scarlett-Harlem Hopscotch/My Guilt-No Loser, No Weeper /A Dirge for Xmas-
When I Think About Myself (Music: Black Incense)//(Music: Burnt Umber) Black Ode/To a Freedom Fighter/To a
Husband (Music: All Alone)-Song of Insecurity /The Gamut-When You Come to Me /To a Man-Faces
/Remembering-In a Time /Tears-The Detached /My Life Has Turned to Blue-Let's Majeste /On Divers Deviations-
Poem III /Accident-Poem I (Music: Tell Me)

PLP 33 - Gotta Keep Movin' - Steve Karliski [1973] Gotta Keep Movin’/Takes a Woman Like You/Ask Me
Anything/Home Comes the Hero/And then Came the Bad Years//Molly/For Loving You/Not the Way That they
used to/At Least One Time/Think of the Good Times

PLP 34 - Lawrence of Newark - Larry Young [1973] Saudia/Alive/Hello Your Quietness (Islands)//Sunshine Fly
Away/Khalid of Space Part Two (Welcome)

PLP 35 - The Original Jimmy Lunceford Orchestra - Jimmy Lunceford [1973] Two record set.

PLP 36 - Dancing In The Moonlight - King Harvest [1972] Lady, Come On Home/Motor Job/Roosevelt and Ira
Lee/Dancing in the Moonlight/She Keeps Me High//Think I Better Wait Till Tomorrow/The Smile on Her Face/You
and I/Marty and the Captain/I Can Tell

PLP 37 - Me And A Friend - Wanda Robinson [1973] A Possibility (Back Home)/Carnal Was the Word/Nobody in
His Right Mind/Because They Envy Us/My Father is Dying//Odyssey-The Feelin’/Paranoia/The Un-Hero

PLP 38

PLP 39 - Born Again - J.J. Barnes [1973] Can’t See Me Leaving You/Time is Love/Good Men Don’t Grow on
Trees/You are Just a Living Doll/Wishful Thinking/You Owe It to Yourself Part 1/You Owe It To Yourself Part
2/No If’s, And’s or But’s/I Just Make Believe (I’m Touching You)

PLP 40 - Roots - Tyrone Washington [1973] You Are the Sunshine of My Life/Spiritual Light of the
Universe/Roots/Submission//War is Not for Men/You Don’t Know What Love Is/1980

PLP 41 - I've Been There - Johnny Hartman [1973] The 59 Street Bridge Song/Raindrops th Keep Falling on My
Head/If/Rainy Days and Mondays/You Go to My Head/Meditation/The First time Ever I Saw Your Face/Sunday
Sun/For the Good Times/Easy Come, Easy Go

PLP 42

PLP 43 - People Music - Fatback Band [1973] Nija Walk (Street Walk)/Gotta Have You (Day by
Day)/Fatbackin’/Baby Doll/Clap Your Hands//Soul March/Soul Man/To Be With You/Kiba

PLP 44

PLP 45 - Brother On The Run (Soundtrack) - Johnny Pate [1973] Brother on the Run (Opening)/Brother/Auto
Chase/Maude’s Intro/En Route to Maude’s//Soulful Brother on the Run/Lady Leaving Store/Ms. Johnston’s Sex
Scene/Car Bumps/Maude Reminises/Untitled/Brother on the Run (Closing Theme)

PLP 46 - Feel My Soul - Fatback Band [1974] Feeling Mellow/Meet Me Over My House/Three Dimensional
World/Sketches of Life/You’ve Got a Friend/Felling Mellow (Vocal)/Makin’ Love/Why Is It So Hard to Do/Feel
My Soul



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